Wednesday, 15 December, 2010

Odia Bhagabat

In the year, 1500 A. D. when Sri Chaitanya entered the premises of the temple of Lord Jagannath he met Jagannatha Das and from the moment they were tied with the chord of devotion. While near Bata Ganesha, Jagannath Das was translating the text of Bhagabata from original Sanskrit and recited and explained candidly to his devotees in Odia, Lord Chaitanya was overshelmed with his prudece and embraced Jagannath Das and esteemed him as “Atibada’ really very great for his wonderful devotional sincerity. Till then Shri Jagannath Das was recognized as ‘Atibadi’. Since then Atibadi Vaishnava Sampradaya or community was born. Bada Odia Math of Puri bears the testimony to this. There is not a single Hindu village in Orissa where at least a portion of Jagannath Das’s Bhagabat is not kept and recited daily.

 ‘Krushna Arpita Jete Karma,
Se Ate Bhagabata Dharma’

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